Platinum and gold prices are falling!


Platinum and gold prices are falling, opportunity knocks!!! Prices are dropping. Gold and Platinum prices are the lowest they have been in more than 5 years!  Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity and STOCK UP on all gold and platinum findings for your Holiday inventory. Shop online and see our newly… read more

New earclips in platinum or 18k gold for hoop earrings!

Yellow hoop clip with hoop open

We are excited to tell you that we have expanded our line once again. We were getting requests for earclips that would work with a hoop earring.  So Kendall took that as a personal challenge and developed what we lovingly refer to as our “Reverse Clip” built especially for hoop earrings.  We are always looking… read more

Platinum Findings are the best!

Why platinum findings? The physical bond of a platinum finding to a platinum piece of jewelry is more sound than a gold to platinum bond, and the overall integrity of an all platinum finished product is superior to the settling for a mixed product.  As a professional bench jeweler for 40 years, making handmade platinum… read more

Why Palladium Findings?

We have included Palladium in our high quality line of findings because it provides a less expensive alternative to Platinum. Also Those allergic to some other metals will love palladium’s purity. Palladium is pure because it gets its color and luster from nature. Other metals that are not naturally white are mixed with nickel to… read more

Happy holidays!

We have completed our first Holiday season at legacy Findings. Our customers kept us busy through The season ordering 18k and platinum findings , Earrings and rings were big sellers this holiday Season butthat’s no surprise! Who doesn’t love A beautiful pair of 18k gold earrings or a platinum ring Especially for those who got… read more

Hurricane Sandy has not effected legacy Findings NYC

It was a difficult few days but we are still manufacturing our 18 k gold jewelry findings and our platinum jewelry findings despite the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Midtown New York City is back to business and hopefully the outer boroughs and New Jersey will be soon too.  If you are looking for clasps, earclips,… read more

Technical tip for 18k gold jewelry findings and platinum jewelry findings – earclips becareful not to anneal the spring!

Remember when assembling 18k karat gold earclips or platinum earclips,  to allow for free movement, we recommend riviting the joint pins.  You don’t want to squeeze the joint too tightly as it may cause friction impeding the free movement of the jewelry finding. We recommend finishing the joint pins with a laser welder or balling… read more

mjsa vision awards for Manufacturing jewelers

The Manufacturing Jewelers Association  is having a design competition again this year called the vision awards. we plan on submitting an entry this year and hope to feature some of our jewelry findings.  It is an opportunity to show how well our 18k gold jewelry findings or platinum jewelry findings such as earclips, shanks,… read more